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Project Description

We offer everything you need for fitness and strength development all under one roof, no other place to look for all your training needs for youth and high school athletes.

The Athlete Performance Training and Youth Sports Performance Academy will focus on:

  • Upper/Lower Body Strength

  • Multi-Angle Speed

  • Linear Speed

  • Core Strength and Stability

  • Coordination

  • Injury Prevention


Adult Fitness Training 

A total body workout perfect for every fitness level that uses light to moderate weights to tone and shape your body. You’ll leave feeling motivated and ready to come back for more. Perfect choice for couples, weekend warriors, and the everyday fitness minded person. 


  • 2 Days per week $220/month

  • 3 Days per week $260/month

  • 4 Days per week $300/month

  •   12 Session Package for $300

  • 15% discount for Teams of 10 or more athletes

  • Additional Discounts for Football Members